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Integrated Technologies Corporation is a licensed electrical contractor in the State of New Mexico. The Construction Industries of New Mexico recognizes an electrical contractor, EE-98, as an entity that is capable of performing all functions from commercial electrical installations to low voltage installations. Under this umbrella,ITC can install all aspects of a project from the electrical, to the voice, data, fire alarm, telephone, and the internet.

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Fiber Optics

The greatest service that we offer is our specialty, fiber optics. Recognizing fiber optics in 1987, when the fiber optic industry was just edging itself into the usiness/commercial world, ITC began then to learn and establish itself as the most comprehensive fiber optic installation company in New Mexico.


Bob Kinney was one of the charter members of the Fiber Optics Association in the United States. If there is anyone who knows their fiber, it is Bob.

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We offer the installation and servicing of 3Com telephone systems. 3Com has become the system of choice because of it’s ability to integrate with existing systems of different brands. Priced right, this allows 3Com to be able to provide customers the greatest return on every dollar spent for a 3Com system. With the expansion of broadband and the introduction of VOIP, providing access for all customers through affordable platforms is very important to ITC.

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Building Integration/Audio-Visual/Security/Fire

When it comes to designing, building and installing Audio/Visual, Video Security and Fire Systems, ITC can get the job done right the first time! ITC has the people, project experience and equipment knowledge that's better than most other integration companies in the industry. We have experience with all types of installations from small to large.


ITC goes to work learning about your environment, from the design to the acoustics to any technical issues or limitations that there might be right down to any maintenance issues. ITC uses the information in order to design a truly unique solution for you. Combining your current environment and functional requirements, ITC develops the optimal system to meet your needs and budget. No matter what you're looking for, presentation systems, integrated PA systems, fire protection systems, sound or security systems or video conferencing, ITC is ready to help! We have the resources and people to get the job done. Our experience and workmanship with integrated systems can offer you the solutions that you need for your building/facility environment.

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Design Build

ITC also offers design service for any projects and project audits by our 4 RCDD’s on staff. Over the past 10 years, ITC has assisted many institutions in the design build of their projects, with installations that have been used as models for additional contracts at later dates.