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Telephony Systems

Integrated Technologies Corporation over the years has established itself as a Premier fiber optics, electrical, and copper cabling contractor in New Mexico. Realizing years ago, that in order to assist our customer base more effectively and efficiently, a full turnkey solution was the answer for many of our existing and new customers.

This vision of the full turnkey solution has help to guide ITC in a new direction for growth. An aspect of this growth has lead ITC down new avenues for telephony, building automation from IP telephony, security solutions, IP video, and last but not least Networking Equipment.

Telephony features include Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) that is scalable from Small office to large campus or enterprise solutions, along with Audio Video Conferencing, Interactive Voice response and Voice messaging just to name a few. To meet this new technology, ITC now offers a full line of 3Com products from network switches, wireless, and IP telephony.

Since early on, 3COM has been a supporter of Converged communications and developed the first practical IP telephony solution that would operate reliably across Data networks. This telephony solution is changing the foundation of corporate and School networks by pushing intensive “intelligence” to the network edge, whether it is for a company with 10 employees in a single office or ten thousand employees distributed around the globe.

The 3Com telephony convergence applications suite offers the productivity with enhancing benefits of advanced applications with NBX and SIP based protocols. Some key features of this telephony system include, power failure transfer, remote Access, support for fax/modem, station line restriction, least cost routing,pooled trunk & trunk groups, code access, class of service, direct inward dial, auto attendant, auto call distribution.

IP Video Systems

ITC has an established a long-standing technically sound and proven networking IP video solutions for Schools districts. ITC is a distributor for Axis Communications IP video. ITC is on the leading edge of technologies for IT and building systems and is a distributor for many world class building systems supplier. ITC has highly trained, qualified, and certified staff that can design,install, and service all axis video communications products.

“Providing telephone systems, along with the installation of data cabling, goes together like beer and peanuts".

Bob Kinney - 2007


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