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ITC offers Copper cabling and installation.

Integrated Technologies Corporation, first opened it’s doors as an electrical contractor which meant that copper cabling,either for electrical conduction or for the established 2-wire copper phone line, was part of ITC’s every day experience. Since then,ITC, along with the rest of the world, has watched as the development of copper cabling for the data, voice, and video installations,has revolutionized the entire communication industry.

Copper cabling was always known for it’s use in the electrical industry and remains so today. But what developed over 150 years ago was completely incomprehensible, and that was the development of copper wiring that could transmit the human voice over a copper wire. That event alone, set in motion a perpetual movement in the copper data cabling that has changed daily ever since. Just 10 years ago, Cat3 copper cabling was all the rage,now Cat3 copper cabling is considered obsolete. Copper cabling is now at the capacity of 10 Gigs and who knows where it will end.

So, keep ITC in mind for all of your copper cabling needs, because no one does it better than us.



“Through the development and evolution of copper data transmission, the speeds and capacity that have been achieved, were not conceivable 20 years ago”.

Bob Kinney - 1998



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